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Blogs About Troubleshooting and Maintaining Heavy Construction Equipment and More

Welcome to my blog. My name is Dan, and I used to work in the construction industry. There I wore a hard hat, but I also wore a lot of other 'hats', from labour to management. Now I've moved on from that industry, but as a property investor, I frequently hire construction crews or contractors. I have a few rentals and some homes that I fix up to sell. At any rate, I've been around heavy equipment for a significant part of my life, and now I want to create a blog to give back. These posts will be about troubleshooting and maintaining heavy construction equipment.

3 Options When Looking for a Tray Top Crane Truck

If you are looking to acquire a tray top crane for your construction activities, you will need to know the best options you have for getting one beforehand. Knowing what to do can be daunting if you do not know where to look or what to look for. Here are three options you have when looking for a tray top crane for your construction needs.

1. Hire

Hiring is your best option for a tray top, semitrailer, or crane truck. These machines are expensive. Hiring makes sense if you only have a short-term necessity. With hiring you only pay for the time you have the equipment. The insurance is also normally included in the hire. Maintenance of the equipment also falls on the hire company which is a huge cost-saver.

2. New Purchase

If your needs are more long-term, purchasing will be your better choice. Hiring for an extended period becomes costly and impractical. Buying new is one option for procuring a tray top. This means you always have the equipment when the need arises. It also means that the maintenance needs will be fewer. This is important as both insurance and maintenance cost will solely be on you. There are many new dealers to choose from. You will need to shop around to find the best tray top and price. This applies to semi-trailer and crane truck purchases as well. If you need more than one tray top buying new could bring further savings. Many dealers will make special deals for multiple purchases especially when you are buying the equipment new.

3. Used Purchase

A final option in filling your long-term tray top needs is a used purchase. There is a multitude of dealers and sites to find a used tray top, semitrailer or crane truck. This option can offer nice equipment at a lower rate. Auctions are another popular place to find a used tray top. The initial expense with a used tray top will be less than that of buying a new one. The insurance might be similar or a bit higher than for a new purchase due to the age and increased risk. The maintenance is going to be the biggest difference between new and used. Used equipment will require more maintenance than the new equipment which may be costlier in the end.

Whether you have a short or long-term need for a tray top, these three options give you a simple guide. Hiring a tray top is good for short-term necessities. A new purchase works well for the long-term with less maintenance expense. The used purchase has a lower initial expense but may require more in maintenance. The choice will come down to what your needs are for the tray top and for how long you will have this need.