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Blogs About Troubleshooting and Maintaining Heavy Construction Equipment and More

Welcome to my blog. My name is Dan, and I used to work in the construction industry. There I wore a hard hat, but I also wore a lot of other 'hats', from labour to management. Now I've moved on from that industry, but as a property investor, I frequently hire construction crews or contractors. I have a few rentals and some homes that I fix up to sell. At any rate, I've been around heavy equipment for a significant part of my life, and now I want to create a blog to give back. These posts will be about troubleshooting and maintaining heavy construction equipment.

Warehouse Safety: Order Picker Training Options for Your Employees

Order picking is one of the most important processes in the warehouse environment. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the employees working in this role are properly trained for the pertinent tasks. Basically, the order picking work involves taking items from the inventory in accordance with the orders made by the customer. The prepared goods must then be transported from the warehouse storage space to the delivery platform for shipping.

If the order picker is not properly trained, they will affect the efficiency and general productivity of the supply chain. Moreover, they could compromise the safety and security in your worksite since they will be handling the goods in special heavy equipment. Therefore, you should consider sending all our warehousing staff for order picking training to prepare them for the role. Here are the primary training options provided, depending on the individual requirements.

Novice and Experienced Training

As implied, the novice training is designed for individuals who do not have experience in order picking or operating the special equipment used for material-handling in the warehouse environment. Employees with limited experience should also be included in this category and associated training program. On the other hand, if you have workers who have significant skill but no formal training, they should be signed up for experienced training program. This is also useful if the candidate has a limited in-house order picking certificate, but they would like to be certified according to the official accredited standards.

Refresher Training

You should consider signing up workers who hold a certificate in warehouse material-handling and order picking for the training. This is important if the employee is new or if the previous training is not recent. The refresher training is designed to update the workers on any advances on safety practices in the worksite. Ideally, the employee must have evidence of past training and accreditation in order to take a refresher course as opposed to novice or experienced.

Conversion Training

There are different types of equipment utilised in order picking in the warehouse. These machines are classified into varying categories, depending on their capability, specific use and scope of operation. If you would like an employee to shift their focus from one type of equipment to another, you should recommend them for conversion training. This will help them adapt to their new role with more efficiency and prevent safety hazards.

Finally, you should consider having your higher level employees receive instructor training. This will allow them to train the workers and supervise your warehouse effectively. For more information, contact a business such as Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre.